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Enter address, date and time

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People order food on Catery for their offices or any type of event, they would love to try your cooking.

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How our partnership program works
Fill in an Application Form
One of our specialists will call you to confirm details and discuss the service
We will add your menu to our catalogue
Using your photos and descriptions. Or we can organise a Photoshoot
We will notify you about your new orders
Via text, e-mail or call
You cook and deliver.
Do what you do best! We will offer our own delivery very soon
Client confirms receiving the delivery and we pay you directly
Plan your kitchen’s workload

We will notify you as soon as new orders are taken, so your cooks can work with no need to rush.

Working with us is easy and convenient
Your menu
You have full control over your menu, you decide which dishes you can or cannot sell on our web-site, we may only recommend.
No extra fees
We display your prices without any mark-ups or hidden fees from our side.
We put a lot of effort in advertising our Partners on the platform, we like when our Partners grow in volume and likes.
Your schedule, your terms
We understand that sometimes the workload may exceed your capacities. So we leave full control over the terms of service to you. Choose when to take new orders, set your own cancellation policies, minimum order quantities and notification periods.
We will provide you with the information about the popularity of certain dishes and other valuable insights, so you can tailor your menu to the tastes of your clients.
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Partner With Us