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Enter address, date and time

Feed your team or organise a buffet for your business partners

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How we work with our corporate clients.
Fill in a short form on our site and we will contact you to learn more about your company and your catering needs.
We will compile a menu according to your tastes and deliver your food on specified days.
Rate dishes and leave comments. We would use this to adapt the menu, for your future orders.
Make ordering food to your office simple and fun.
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Wide selection of cuisines to satisfy any taste
We will help you create a tailored menu from a variety of restaurants and caterers in your city. We will accommodate a variety of tastes, including vegetarians, meat lovers and gluten conscious people. Enjoy the lunch together!
Choices, choices, choices
Don’t limit yourself to the selection of restaurants within 5 minutes distance away from your office. With Catery you will be able to try all types of cuisines catering any taste and fitting a particular budget.
Meal plan subscription
Planning to order lunch regularly? We will provide you with your own personal assistant to help you cater for your team and their tastes.
Special offers
Our partners will offer you specials that can’t be found on their regular menus. For example, bespoke lunch-sets, made specifically for your company.
Only one contract needed
You’ll only need to sign one contract with us. No worries after that – no need to waste time making orders each time
Personal control
Coming soon! Have more control over repeat orders delivered to you over a period of time. Pick, choose and swap certain dishes and also leave comments in your Profile.